Book Belongs To stamp, Personal Library Book Stamp

$ 14.95

Keep track and show ownership of artwork, portfolios, journals, and books with a personalized rubber stamp. Love to Loan out your books but don't want them to forget who loaned them out, this is the perfect stamp.

Picking the Perfect Stamp



Bestseller, highly recommended. Easy to use with pre-loaded ink.
A classic. Ideal for users with their own colored ink pads and a preference for a wood handle.

Best for precision, not gift-giving. Acrylic mount enables a clear view of the imprint area.

Customizing Your Stamp

Please put all of your custom information in the personalization section and we will send you a proof to your email within 24 hours. Once you approve your proof your item will be made and shipped out the next day.

SKU: 12039-CB10-000