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      10 Star Wars Gift Ideas That Are Out of This World

      10 Star Wars Gift Ideas That Are Out of This World

      May 4th is upon us! To prepare, we've compiled some of our favorite products from the Star Wars franchise to give to your favorite Star Wars fan this upcoming Saturday to celebrate. So before you plop down on the couch to marathon the Star Wars collection, here are some awesome gift ideas. 

      1. To Give the Home Decor Some Personality

      Set of 6 Star Wars Coasters: $37.99 
      Available in Round or Square at Stamp Out Online

      2. For Game Board Lover

      Available On Amazon

      3. For the Whiskey Lover

      Available at Stamp Out Online

      4. For the Fancy Occasions

      Single options also available for purchase on Amazon in listing

      5. For Important Papers

      Available in Clear Block, Wood Mount, & Self inking on Stamp Out Online

      6.  For Planning in Style

      Available on Amazon and Other Sellers

      7. For Your Morning Coffee

      Available on Stamp Out Online in white, black, gray, blue, green, pink and red!

      8. For the Collector

      Available on Amazon

      9. For the Best Dad in the Galaxy

      Available in Gray in Small, Medium, Large and XLarge at Stamp Out Online

      10. For the One Who Always Forgets to Have a Bottle Opener

      Available on Amazon Prime
      We are excited here at Stamp Out Online for a Star Wars marathon and parties around the world to celebrate this iconic series.

      Personalized Recipe Cookbook Easel

      Personalized Recipe Cookbook Easel

      Family recipes have been handed down from generation to generation for as long as families have existed.  The sights and smells of a home cooked meal can evoke feelings of comfort and belonging, not to mention, delicious to eat.  Meals bring families together.  It is often where traditions are born and rooted in the landscape of our lives.   A handwritten recipe, worn with use and often stained with the very ingredients described in its directions, are deemed priceless. 

      These handwritten recipes, over time, however, will soon dissolve altogether.  In fact, handwriting, in general, is no longer taught in most schools.  The question then becomes, how do we best preserve such treasures?

      In this photo, my husband’s grandmother “Baba” is teaching our then young daughters how to make the traditional Slovakian dish called Lokshe (Lokše).  Now with the wintering of her life, I want to preserve her recipes and pass on some of those traditions in a meaningful way to other family members.  What better way than with something in her own handwriting?

      To get this I simply took a photo of her recipe, making sure it was in focus with all of it was in the photo and the rest was done in Stamp Out.  If the recipe is two-sided… take two photos.  Then, label the images with the name of the recipe or your name and we do the rest.

      Now we have an endearing yet practical keepsake that reminds us daily of the love she shared with her cooking.  This Recipe Easel can hold cookbooks or tablets and one-day be passed onto the next generation to keep and eventually pass on as well.  Preserving, in the end, what one person took the time to hand write and share with others.

      Michelle E. Black